Track Premiere: Sara Rachele “Allelu (I Found You)”

Sara Rachele (and if you’re wondering, and want to appear suitably aware, that’s ‘ra-kelley‘)  has a new album out at the end of May on Angrygal Records called ‘Scorpio Moon‘ which couples her near-crooning vocals with the unmeasurably hip musical tones of Binky Griptite and the Dap Kings band, stalwarts of Daptone Records. The band tracks were recorded live to tape in Brooklyn, N.Y., and were co-produced by Rachele and keyboardist Spencer Garn and mixed by Atlanta-based engineer and Rachele bandmate Kristofer Sampson whilst the acoustic tracks were all recorded at Sampson’s home studio.

Sara Rachele’s career in music goes way-back – she confesses to having grown up being a studio rat and folk child, hanging out and doing odd-jobs for free and along the way meeting countless musicians and writers, falling into bands as a side player before she’d even written a song of her own.  Her own music began to appear in 2014 with her debut release ‘Diamond Street‘ and really she hasn’t looked back since.  There have been singles and several more albums including 2017’s ‘April Fool‘ which was a collection of bluegrass and folk songs dedicated to her late grandmother.  By contrast ‘Scorpio Moon‘ plays to a sound that brings in elements of 60’s pop, country, folk, Americana and jazz.

Amongst her talents for songwriting and music making in general Sara Rachele has one of the most important things – a distinctive voice.  On ‘Allelu (I found you)‘ her vocal drifts through like a collapsing smokey haze which perfectly suits the song’s feeling of identifying one good thing in a tough world.  It’s a memorable song which we’re proud to be sharing for the first time.

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