Track Premiere: Sean Whiting “Just The Same”

Kentuckian Sean Whiting hasn’t always been a musician, having previously made his way as a coal miner and a truck driver.  And he pulls this blue-collar background into his new album ‘High Expectations‘ from which ‘Just the Same‘ is taken. And if the image on the track has you a little worried then fear not – Sean Whiting is far more Outlaw than ZZ Top – there’s a real hint of Waylon in his voice.

Music was preordained for Sean Whiting, who as a young child would be taken along to gigs by his grandfather who was also a performing musician.  It rubbed off, as by the age of five Sean Whiting was singing and playing drums which led on to the trumpet and guitar in his teens. Whiting recalls “My grandfather was the type of person who’d play anywhere, it didn’t matter to him if he was playing in somebody’s garage or in a nice venue. I was the only grandchild and so I’d tag along. Many times, we’d have people over at home and be sitting and playing all these different instruments.”  This led onto many bands over the years, but it wasn’t until 2017 that his first album ‘Finally the Beginning‘ was achieved.

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