Track Premiere: Suzannah “Is There Any Love In Your Heart”

Photo: Dave Heumann

Baltimore-based singer songwriter Suzannah shows yet another side to her musical character with today’s premiere of her new single ‘Is There Any Love In Your Heart‘, the third to be taken from her debut album of the same title which will be released on November 10th.  Previous singles ‘Losing Side of Town’ and ‘Skeletons’ have gained praise earning her comparisons to Linda Ronstadt and the Cocteau Twins.  Neither comparison likely to be applied to the latest song which rips into a bluesy country groove of the type that you might associate with Waylon Jennings.  I know, you expected Janis or something – but this is a true veer into the edge of Outlaw Country.  I know, and we’re as surprised as you but Suzannah is not going to be pinned down into any narrow genre definition.

Suzannah told Americana UK about where the song came from: “Several years ago I had a bad bout of insomnia. Not wanting to wake up my partner with my tossing and turning, I’d creep out of our bed and go into the second bedroom where there’s a bookcase where we keep all of our religious, spiritual and metaphysical books. I spent a lot of late nights/early mornings in that room during that time. One night after I had been reading, I lay down in the pitch black and saw a long expanse of dark highway stretched out very vividly in my mind. I thought about someone who might be driving on that highway, how he got there, where he was going, how even an endless expanse of open road could represent the feeling of being stuck as much as the hall with the cold iron bars at the end of the song, ironically. A faint question at the back of the mind becomes more and more incessant and might leave one last chance for a way out… if it is answered correctly.


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