Two intimate and socially distanced tributes to John Prine at the Jazz Cafe

Just over two weeks ago it was John Prine’s birthday (October the 10th). It’s a measure of the extreme affection in which he’s still held – and the impact his untimely passing had on so many people back in April this year this year – that what would have been his birthday was greeted by such an outpouring of love and support.

Now fans of John Prine have the opportunity to celebrate the life and music of the supremely gifted singer-songwriter over two socially distanced, special evenings of live music at The Jazz Cafe (on the 8th and 9th of December), titled He Was In Heaven When He Died, after the song of the same title from his ‘Common Sense’ album of 1975. 

Both nights are being curated and promoted by Joe Harvey-Whyte, the highly regarded London-based multi-instrumentalist and member of The Hanging Stars. Joe said that the world can be divided into two camps: those who love John Prine’s music and those who’ve yet to hear him. And who’d argue with that?

The two evenings feature a diverse range of acts, including Beth Rowley, The Magic Numbers, Ren Harvieu, Robert Chaney, Zak Hobbs, Naomi Larson, Felix Holt, Laura Tenschert, Pat Ralla, Joe Harvey-Whyte, Louis Brennan and Josh Flowers. They’ll be playing their favourite John Prine music, along with some songs of their own that were influenced by him.

Come and enjoy the music of John Prine at The Jazz Cafe and raise a glass to the memory of the great man – maybe his favourite cocktail, The Handsome Johnny, (made of vodka, ginger ale and lime) which he celebrated in his brilliant song, ‘When I Get To Heaven’.

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