Grab a slice of American Pie – Don McLean heads to the UK this month

Singer-songwriter and folk-rock icon Don McLean is set to perform four UK dates later this month as part of his current transatlantic tour. McClean, responsible for ‘American Pie‘, which was listed as the number 5 song of the century by the Recording Industry of Association of America, is one of the most renowned country artists and with over 40 gold and platinum records worldwide, is also regarded as one of the most prolific songwriters of all time.
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The East Pointers announce UK dates, new track “Wintergreen” – Listen

We were going to try and claim The East Pointers as another NWOABB, but the Juno Award-winning band are a little too Canadian for that.  And maybe not that Bluegrass either – there’s a vibrant take on modern folk though from fiddler/singer Tim Chaisson, banjoist Koady Chaisson and guitarist Jake Charon who together make up The East Pointers.  Continue reading “The East Pointers announce UK dates, new track “Wintergreen” – Listen”

Dylan LeBlanc heads to UK next month for dates

Following on from the release of his new album, ‘Renegade’ which we waxed lyrical about earlier this summer, Dylan LeBlanc will return to Europe this month for a series of dates including three in the UK before we pull up our drawbridge and never allow anyone in again. Continue reading “Dylan LeBlanc heads to UK next month for dates”

Birds of Chicago set to tour through the Brexit deadline

The last release by Birds of Chicago ‘Love In Wartime’ may prove to be a prescient title before too long given reports from the UK food industry that in the event of a no-deal Brexit the Government will have to put the population on a command-economy war footing for the purposes of rationing and co-ordination of food resources. Quite how the British public will respond to such circumstances is uncertain, although expecting some kind of stoical response along World War II lines is probably fanciful seeing as the Police had to ask people to stop calling 999 when KFC ran out of chicken last February.
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Bruce Springsteen “I’ll Stand By You” – Listen

Want to hear a previously unreleased Springsteen track ?  Well, you’re in luck because that’s just what we’ve got for you here.  And, as you’ve probably already noticed, it’s all thanks to the new feel good movie ‘Blinded by the Light‘ which explains how embracing The Boss can give your life purpose.  But we knew that already, right ?

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Charley Crockett tours with Jaime Wyatt following major health scare

A few years ago, Texas country-blues singer Charley Crockett wrote a song called ‘How Long Will I Last’ about an uncertain love affair. Little did he know the song title would also prove a prophetic metaphor for his recent struggle with heart disease. Purely by chance when he was seeking medical advice for repairing a hernia in January, Crockett learned he also had bicuspid aortic valve stenosis, a disease where, instead of having three aortic flaps that allow the blood to flow, two are fused together. “The cardiologist determined I was one year away from heart failure. It was really, really good luck that I found out what was wrong with me.” Continue reading “Charley Crockett tours with Jaime Wyatt following major health scare”

Ralph McTell announces new album and extensive tour

Veteran folk singer Ralph McTell will be releasing a new album on September 20th. It’s been some time in the coming since ‘Hill of Beans‘ is McTell’s first album of new material since his 2010 release ‘Somewhere Down the Road ‘, and sees the singer reuniting with Tony Visconti who provided arrangements on 1968’s ‘Eight Frames A Second‘ but now, of course,  has the producers role. Continue reading “Ralph McTell announces new album and extensive tour”

Illinois’ Ohtis set to tour UK for the first time

An album that’s gained increasing acclaim through five star reviews and word of mouth is Ohtis’ ‘Curve of Earth’. What makes the back story to this debut release so compelling is that it’s an album fully 15 years in the making. Continue reading “Illinois’ Ohtis set to tour UK for the first time”

Caroline Spence has tour dates in October

Following the release of her third studio album, ‘Mint Condition’, Caroline Spence returns to the UK for seven dates in October. Having won numerous songwriting awards from industry mainstays like the Kerrville Folk Festival, Spence has long been regarded as a well kept secret on the Americana scene, but the cat is now well and truly out of the bag, with Rick Bayles of Americana UK recently describing ‘Mint Condition’ as a potential album of the year contender: “Repeated listening to this new work reveals it to be a pretty much flawless set of eleven songs, ten of them written by Spence and the eleventh a co-write with fellow artist Ashley Ray.” Continue reading “Caroline Spence has tour dates in October”