Van Plating “Bird On A Wire” – Listen

First things first – this is not the ‘Bird on a Wire‘ you’re thinking of, it’s a new song that Van Plating co-wrote with Brian Elijah Smith.  Second thing  second – after her re-emergence in 2019 after a nine year hiatus from music you could have been forgiven for thinking that she’d gone back on hiatus.  Forgiven, but incorrect as Van Plating has been working on all sorts of things in the interim.As she says herself her work ethic is well in place “I am always writing. I work on music every single day, whether I’m performing or not. I have probably written somewhere in the neighbourhood of 30-40 songs since January, and ‘Bird on a Wire’ is the first one to be released from this latest body of work, pandemic be damned!

There’s a story behind the co-write on ‘Bird on a Wire’ – the short version is that she was following Brian Elijah Smith at the same time that he was following her – each taken with the other’s lyrics and vocals.  Coincidence erupted when they decided to meet up and try and write together as Van Plating tells it “when we showed up to the first write back in January, we were wearing matching outfits. Same vintage blue t-shirt, same jeans, boots, same sunglasses. It was totally embarrassing but broke the ice quite effectively. No reason to hold onto your dignity when you’re walking around town in a matching outfit with someone you only just met.

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