Video: Luke Concannon “Doing Nothing”

Although it’s quite disturbing to see a marionette of Ed Sheeran dancing, this is a wonderfully creative video from Luke Concannon.  The inventive use of a puppet-version of Concannon, dancing alongside the real deal, conveys a message about being in control of your life and is central to the song’s themes.  Concannon explains: “I wrote this in a friend’s remote Welsh shepherds hut – no electricity, running water or reception. It’s an honest song about the addictions that keep me from flourishing sometimes, wanting to take the easy route of consuming media, or whatever distractions I can get, rather than bravely showing up with my heart on my sleeve.”

The former singer from folk-hip hop act Nizlopi has a number 1 single to his name.  Indeed, that Ed Sheeran link in the video is because the Suffolk Superstar cites Concannon as one of his key influences.  But all that success seems like a long time ago.  When the band’s run came to an end, Concannon spent time travelling and volunteering as a peace-worker in the West Bank.  ‘Ecstatic Bird in the Burning’, due out in February 2021, will be Concannon’s first new album in eight years.  On the strength of this melodic, heartfelt single, it will have been worth the wait.  ‘Doing Nothing’ is an uplifting, hopeful song, featuring lovely backing vocals and instrumentation, that will have you humming along. As each single is released, look out for online parties, featuring interviews and live performances.  Enjoy.

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