Van Plating “New York” – it’s her kind of town

What’s a girl to do when she’s majored in violin and voice at Florida Southern College and spent several years in a band named for Fitzwilliam Darcy’s pad?  Especially when said band, Pemberley, breaks up.  Go solo – obviously and, perhaps less obviously rock it up some.  And that’s what Van Plating can be heard doing on ‘New York‘, which is taken from her second album ‘The Way Down.‘  It’s the sound of trying new things and taking some risks, which is a freedom she really embraced from the start on her first album, as Van Plating has explained: “I was literally in the studio experimenting and trying things.  Where I landed, which has been really cool, is in that Americana world, which I love a lot. And that just sort of happened organically after the record was released. I had a lot of momentum coming into the spring with a festival booked, and a lot of shows were coming in before they all got cancelled, and they were good opportunities.

Lockdown wasn’t wasted though, and ‘The Way Down‘ is another step forward, pulling in some of her earlier Indy-rock to add a darker and harder edge where needed.


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