Van Plating “The Hard Way” – featuring Reckless Kelly

Photo: Sara Brewington Baarnes

Today is, it appears, true story day.  There’s two strands of truth to Van Plating’s new song ‘The Hard Way‘ – there’s the near death experience that it draws on and there’s the dream fulfilment of getting Reckless Kelly to duet on the song.  So, near death story first then the more fun tale of musical collaboration.  In April 2015 Van Plating nearly died – as she frankly explains: “my fallopian tube ruptured and I bled internally for five days before the doctors could figure out what was going on with me. Usually when you rupture as extremely as I did you bleed out and die.  I’ll never forget being told to say goodbye to my kids and head for the hospital because once they realized what was happening they knew I might not come home. I’d lost three litres of blood in my body. This hasn’t been my only close brush with death but it is the most vivid.

And the dream musical collaboration part?  Well, when Van Plating was looking for someone to sing on ‘The Hard Way‘ a number of names came up which didn’t seem right.  So she was asked – “well, if it could be anyone then who?“, and as she tells it she said: ““I really want this one to vibe Red Dirt country, you know, or Texas country. I freaking love Reckless Kelly but there is NO WAY I have any way to reach Willy and Cody Braun, and even if I could, why would they say yes to a nobody from Florida?”  My friend laughed and said, “Reckless Kelly? You sure?” And I said “I think their voices would be amazing with mine. But how would I make that happen?”  And my friend who is also a producer said, “Well it just so happens that I have booked Cody for some fiddle work on another project of mine, I’m happy to ask him for you, and pass along the song. If they like the song maybe they’ll do it.”   Long story short – they liked it, they did it and Van Plating confesses that when she heard their contribution “I cried and laughed in disbelief and gratefulness.”

And what about the message of the song? Van Plating offers this thought: “‘The Hard Way’ asks–what are we here for? I think we’re here to love. To experience presence. Communion. I don’t care if that sounds hippy dippy to people. Arguing and fussing and fighting will never be what changes the world for the better. It will always be love. The extended hand. Being celebrated without toxic jealousy. A scarcity mindset has no place in love. And it won’t change things.

The Hard Way‘ is from the album ‘Orange Blossom Child‘, which is released September 15th.

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