Video: Constant Follower “Weave of the World”

Photo credit: Jai O'hare

The latest single from Constant Follower is lyrically, vocally and melodically beautiful.  The words are profound and poetic and remain with you long after listening.  Frontman and songwriter Stephen McAll sings: “This is the weave of the world // And everything that matters most // Conditional love without control // Invisible threads cannot hold // Invisible signs it’s time to go // I thought we’d grow old,” and it’s all the more moving for a genuinely effective and emotional video from Martin J. Pickering (Paloma Faith, Dua Lipa).  Pickering truly captures the sense of time passing and the creation of memories.  This was an important project for Pickering, who grew up with McAll near Glasgow, and the film was intended to help the singer reconnect with memories lost following a head injury.  Various popular culture references in the video take us back in time (look out for the crispy pancakes).  Whether these are meaningful to you or not, though, there is a brilliantly-executed, hazy feeling of nostalgia that anyone will recognise: that bittersweet feeling of growing up, growing old, moving on, looking back that is particularly powerful when seen through the eyes of children.

McAll shares his feelings about ‘Weave of the World’: “I wrote it during a period of anxiety or maybe mild paranoia. You can hear that in the words. But it’s taken on a new meaning for me, since what I must have thought might happen, didn’t. There’s still a lot of darkness in there, but the song reminds me that feelings are real but they aren’t facts. Even when you think things are going very wrong, there’s always a way to turn it around.”  It’s an intimate song, affecting and disarming in its poignant reflection.  It’s a song to take in and absorb quietly.  ‘Weave of the World’ is the second single from Constant Follower’s brand new album ‘Neither Is, Nor Ever Was’.   Check out this gorgeous video and then seek out the album.  Essential listening.

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