Video: Courtney Marie Andrews “Loose Future”

Photo: Brett Warren

Here is the latest single from the GRAMMY-nominated and highly acclaimed Courtney Marie Andrews.  ‘Loose Future’ is the title track from Andrews’ forthcoming album, which is due for release on 7th October 2022.  Sonically, Andrews is moving in a different direction with her new material, blending her previous influences and style with fresher arrangements and more adventurous production.  The result is typically tuneful, classy and timeless.  Andrews’ vocal performance has the feel of an intimate conversation, a sense helped by the Adam Gundersheimer-directed video, which sees Andrews in the make-up chair

The song is all about trying to prepare for what the future holds in a romantic relationship and the attempts we make to keep it light and control expectations.  Her words are direct and disarming: “There’s parts of me I can’t give away // I just wanna take it slow // Don’t wanna give a yes or no // Can we play it cool? // Loose future // If you wanna ride with me // Loose future // Nowhere we need to be.”  However, there’s a lyrical twist at the end of the song when, after trying to play it cool, Andrews accepts that she is invested in the relationship, something that often happens to us without it being planned or expected: “No big picture // Just the way it ought to be // Loose, Loose // Who am I kidding? We’re halfway there, // But I’ll keep pretending that I don’t care.”

Andrews explains the song’s theme: “These words slipped out of my mouth one evening while speaking playfully with a lover, and we both agreed they needed to be a song about the unknowns of bracing for any romantic endeavour.  We always want to play it cool with love, but deep down our inner children are always afraid. In the studio, Sam Owens and I wanted to create the hopeful and free feeling of that sentiment.”

Look out for in-store live performances in UK record stores on album-release week.  ‘Loose Future’ is certainly one of the most highly-anticipated albums due out this year.  If you get the chance to join Andrews for one of the album launch shows, you’re in for a treat as she is a fabulous performer, managing to convey such emotion through her songs.  While you’re waiting for those shows, check this out.

Courtney Marie Andrews 2022 dates:
7th October – Crash, Leeds
8th October – Resident, Brighton
9th October – Rough Trade, Nottingham
10th October – Truck, Oxford
12th October – Rough Trade, Bristol
13th October – Rough Trade East, London

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