Video: Drew Danburry “Cassie Knows”

When a video is presented by “Pink Fanny Pack Productions” you know you’re on to a winner. ‘Cassie Knows’ or to give the song its full title ‘Cassie Knows, or How a Shy Person Says I Love You’ is the latest song to be taken from the always lovely, always lovely Mr. Drew Danburry’s Icarus Phoenix project which came out last year and which still fills the corridors of AUK Towers when we’re dusting our gladiolas. Painstakingly created over the course of a year using thousands of index cards, hundreds of pens and created during a pandemic, losing his home and business in Montana, moving back to Utah and starting over – the dedication to creating this video is an incredible labour of love or a white knuckle grip on controlling what’s in our grasp. The ability to create beautiful, surreal art in the face of a crushing reality. There’s a real intimate poignancy to all Drew’s material. And, in the case of this video, a cat on a roundabout. When nice people make good music, maybe someone up there does keep a scoreboard after all.

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