Video: Dylan LeBlanc “Gentle on My Mind”

Dylan LeBlanc’s distinctive, smooth vocal is perfect for this outstanding cover of the Glen Campbell classic ‘Gentle on My Mind’.  Somehow, it feels as though LeBlanc is in the room, telling a story.  LeBlanc says of  the multiple Grammy-winning hit song: “I come from a heavy country music background.  My father made his living as a writer for the Nashville Machine growing up. My grandfather in the early 70’s in his early thirties was convinced to make payments on a Gibson guitar on consignment at the local music store along with a song book with the scales and chords and hit songs of the era inside with directions on how to play them. He loved this song and it was heavily played around the house and passed and sang at gatherings and parties where everyone was drinking and laughing and feeling no pain as they say. I love the story of this song about a drifter roaming from place untethered to anyone or anything therefore making the moment of missing his muse more pure. I can relate as I have naturally always wanted to roam from place to place and be free. I love this song so much and it holds a nostalgic and wonderful place in my heart.”  Just like the other songs on the new EP, it is clear that this well-chosen  song inspired LeBlanc and helped to shape his musical direction.

This is one of six songs on the forthcoming new covers EP, ‘Pastimes’, which is due out on 18th June.  After four acclaimed albums, LeBlanc has turned his attention to the artists who influenced his sound.  As well as Campbell’s 1967 hit, there are songs by the likes of Bob Dylan, Buffalo Springfield and Led Zeppelin.  It’s an intriguing and personal collection of great songs.  check it out.

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Jeremy Courtnadge

‘Gentle On My Mind’ might have been a Glen Campbell hit but it’s a John Hartford composition. Credit where it’s due. Check out his performance of the song.