Video: Graham Brown “You are the Stars”

We have been longtime fans of Canadiana artist Graham Brown here at AUK from our early days of the site, so we’re delighted to feature his new song this morning. On his thirteenth album, ‘Solo’, Brown performs in just that manner, showcasing his skills as both a singer/songwriter and guitarist as he’s never done before on record. For the Vancouver B.C.-based act, the decision to go it alone was made almost as a personal challenge after establishing his reputation as one of Canada’s finest electric guitarists over the past three decades.

Brown says, “After writing and recording hundreds of songs to this point, and playing thousands of live shows I realized I still have so much to learn about the craft of songwriting as well as the delivery of the songs. I’ve also learned that the honesty within the delivery and the song itself is paramount. This record is part of my evolution, although I feel I’m getting better every day because I see where I am heading and I believe I know what it takes to get there.”

Brown certainly displays all of that self-awareness on the new album, with 12 original songs that are built around uncommon chord progressions, with the emphasis firmly placed on melodies that allow his voice to take full flight.

Graham told us: “The video is shot on a beautiful early evening in farm country just outside of the city of Vancouver, BC. Canada. The song slowly washes over you like a late midnight candle. There is love and warmth in this song, while at the same time there is reflection of one’s weaknesses that are overcome by the strength/love/belief of another.”

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