Video: Landon Lloyd Miller “Light is Growing”

Start your week with the upbeat sound and positive message of Landon Lloyd Miller’s debut solo single.  Formerly a member of Louisiana-based band The Wall Chargers, ‘Light is Growing’ finds Miller confidently following his own musical path, strutting through a tuneful, foot-tapping song with a hint of 1970s rock.  The song is about finding light in the darkness, finding hope in tough times.  It’s accompanied by a tongue-in-cheek video in which Miller captains his own ship, navigating his way through the night, alongside atmospheric archival footage.  ‘Light is Growing’ is an uplifting dose of positivity in gloomy times.

Miller describes making the video with Evan Falbaum : “This song is about hope for me, and balance. I think the video resonates with that in a charming way.  The going gets tough, he barely hangs on, but in the end the sun comes out and he has survived. This arc mirrors the lyrics of the song without being too on the nose or overdone.  Falbaum wanted to have fun with practical effects. We wheeled the ship into a hangar, set up a screen behind us and rear projected the waves. He splashed buckets of water on me and activated strobes for a lightning effect. We knew we wanted old footage for the ‘storm’ and made the production match that style where possible. The final moment is the captain clinging to a board while floating in the water. A working lantern floats by, He makes it through the night.  We draped a screen into a swimming pool and rear projected the sun coming up. It’s fun and makes me nostalgic for making home movies as a kid.”

With a travelling choir-director for a mother and a church minister for a father, music – initially gospel – was always part of Miller’s life.  by 15 years old, he was writing his own songs on guitar and playing drums at church services.  The multi-instrumentalist has since been inspired by the likes of the Louvin Brothers, Bob Dylan and Conor Oberst, artists who, “…were willing to talk about real life, personal troubles, and grey-area scenarios.”  This opening single is full of energy and we look forward to further releases.  Check it out.

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