Video: Nelson Sobral “In the Middle of the Night”

Here’s a song from Nelson Sobral that will lift you up, lighten your mood and make you want to move.  The Toronto singer-songwriter and his band are in fine form and it’s a delight to see them absorbed in the music and just having fun.  That enjoyment is refreshing and  infectious, translating directly to those who listen and watch.  In challenging and uncertain times, upbeat songs that are full of joy are very welcome.  Sobral’s vocal performance is excellent and, also notable, the guitar soars and the horns sound glorious.  Sobral’s blend of country, rhythm and blues and rock certainly captures your attention and gets you out of your seat.

Sobral says of the song: “I was down in Nashville writing, performing, and fired up after playing at The Bluebird when I had the riff for my gritty new single bouncing around in my head.  The lyrical slant for ‘In The Middle Of The Night’ started to form as I wanted to share the experience with my wife who was back home in Toronto.  I’m a huge classic soul & country music fan, and this track hits the sweet spot.  This rockin’ song is about those early days of dating when it feels like you’re the only two people that exist. You keep it your little secret because you don’t want anyone to know yet, so you hang out in the middle of the night when there’s no one else around.”

‘In the Middle of the Night’ is the title track from Sobral’s forthcoming new album.  On the strength of this song and previous single ‘Pendulum’, this record will be one to watch out for.  In the meantime, get up and dance along to this.

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