Video Premiere: B.B. Palmer “Many Worlds Theory”

If you like your country cosmic and more than a little experimental, then you must check out the new single from Alabama-based B.B. Palmer. ‘Many Worlds Theory’ is the first single from the upcoming album, ‘Krishna Country’.  The song takes Palmer’s usual cosmic sound and then, with the addition of horns and a sitar, pushes the boundaries even further, creating an all-new sound while remaining clearly country at heart. Adding traditional Indian music into the American roots mix is part of Bernard Palmer’s journey.  Despite his Catholic upbringing, Palmer felt drawn towards different beliefs when he had an experience he would call divine intervention.  He explains: “I found a copy of the Bhagavad Gita.  I can’t remember where I found it, if someone gave it to me, or if it just materialized — but I’m thinking it’s the latter, because I just can’t put a finger on it.”

As he deepened his understanding of Indian culture, Palmer became absorbed by raga, classical Indian music, and decided to incorporate his new influences into his own songs.  Josh “Bucky” McKenzie (guitars) describes his initial reaction: “I thought he had lost his mind.  We had no money to do this. Where would we find the money, let alone someone to play sitar, horn players, engineers, extra session players, and how in the hell would we record it?”  But against all the odds, they found the players they needed and it all came together.

Blake Robbins (Bass Guitar) continues: “It was surreal seeing so many people that I had never met, but had respected for years, coming to support us on this album. I had never before recorded with a horn section, much less a sitar, and yet it all came together so harmoniously. The people that recorded with us in this album emanated professionalism, talent, and a genuine care for the outcome of this album. I believe that this attitude shows through in the finished work. I’m just grateful to have the opportunity to be part of something so special.” 

‘Many Worlds Theory’ is new and fresh but respectful of the country sounds that originally inspired Palmer. Enjoy.

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