Video: Benjamin Miller “Try to Think” (ft. Hemma)

Drift away with Benjamin Miller’s dreamy blend of psychedelia and folk in the absorbing video premiere for ‘Try to Think’.  Featuring the distinctive animation of Laura Yurich, the video transports us to a strange world populated by wild animals and aliens.  Yurich explains the feelings she tried to capture: “It’s an argument between the thoughts that live in your head and the way they manifest physical space. Or otherwise understood as: am I brilliant, bored, or crazy?” Though the lyrics are abstract, we can probably all relate to lines like: “Love’s been trying to be brave // But it’s afraid of these hazy days.”  

Miller’s delicate fingers pick out a bright, warm melody on the guitar, while the multi-instrumentalist also delivers absorbing sonic layers with the piano and mellotron.  Along with the flute and additional vocals from Hemma, he creates a swirling soundscape for listeners to lose themselves in.  Miller is known as the front-man for Minneapolis country rockers The Federales but reserves this trippy Californian vibe for his solo material.  During the pandemic, Miller has kept busy with new side-project The Looneys as well as releasing the recent album ‘Honkytonks & Hangovers’ with the Federales.  Now, we have this engaging solo single.  Be absorbed.

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