Video Premiere: Brianna Kočka “Sunset Vignette”

Here is the dreamy new single from Brianna Kočka.  Images of waves in slow motion, idyllic rural lives, landscapes and sunsets create a world to drift away in, matching the gentle sway and beauty of the music.  Kočka’s vocal is delicate and vulnerable and there is a subtlety in the songcraft and melody that feels utterly absorbing.  ‘Sunset Vignette’ is the second single from forthcoming album ‘Let it Stay’, which is due for release on 14th May. She says of the song: “While I don’t like to pick favourites off of my albums, ‘Sunset Vignette’ may be just that. It floats above the rest, combining traditional acoustic instruments with synthesizer and woodwinds that gives it a lilting quality. The song’s lyrics explore the intimacy between two people, the pushing and pulling that occurs in relationship with one another.  I wanted all the artwork for this record to feel like a warm hug, to match the intimacy of the songs. When writing, I am often inspired by everyday events—a good meal, an intimate moment, weeding the garden. So when I found the archival footage used in this video, I felt it matched the sonic and visual aesthetic of the song itself. The video is meant to place the watcher in the expanse of life, as well as the mundane of everyday, showing the hard work and the joy that comes from taking care of the land, and taking care of each other.”

Alongside her solo records, Kočka has contributed much the Minneapolis music scene, participating in various projects and bands as well having songs appear in television shows.  Kočka’s fourth solo album, ‘Let it Stay’ was written during during the uncertainty and upheaval of 2020 and promises to be her most reflective, intimate work to date.   This is engaging music that gives the sense of weightlessness, drifting through Brianna Kočka’s internal responses to love and loss, uncertainty and isolation.  Enjoy.

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