Video Premiere: Cody Rogers “The Night I Lost You”

Photo credit: Tyler Daniels

Here is a delightful video that will make you tap your feet and smile.  ‘The Night I Lost You’ from Cody Rogers hangs on a strong beat and an infectious bass line.  Over the top of these foot-tapping rhythms, the electric guitar rings out, melodious notes dancing throughout.  Rogers’ vocal is understated, drawing the listener into his stories with a beautiful tunefulness.  The video showcases Rogers’ gently irreverent humour and personality, from lying facedown in the grass and interactions with a horse to crashing through the screen at the end.  It’s refreshing to see Rogers and his band’s obvious joy in performing and the character they bring to their music.

Rogers describes the song and the intent behind the video: “‘The Night I Lost You’ is about the duality of change we’ve all been forced to reckon with in one way or another, especially in the past two years. I wanted the video to represent that reluctant madness we throw ourselves into in the midst of change and all its forces. Forces like depression, happiness, anger, and horses. All are represented in this 4 minute video.”

Rogers is based in Corinth, Mississippi, and his music reflects the heart of the communities there.  His songs are populated by characters, memories and places through which he continues to explore the the conflicts and contrasts of life in Mississippi and elsewhere: past and present, isolation and togetherness, love and hate and grief.  Also Known as the frontman of The Holy Ghost Electric Show, Rogers is a talented songwriter whose second album, ‘Tishomingo’, is expected in 2022.  In the meantime, check this out.

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