Video Premiere: Crimson Calamity “My Best Friends”

In this joyful, humorous video premiere, Crimson Calamity have a lot of fun with puppets representing the two best friends in the narrative, Mary and Jane.  It’s the perfect accompaniment to a song that is charming, witty and affirming.  The nostalgic visual takes us back into the past, to a time that was simpler and more innocent.  The duo explain the idea behind the video and what it was like to create: “We knew we wanted to make a video for this song because so many people tell us they love it, but we were struggling with a concept for a couple of months. We knew we wanted a throwback 1970s vibe, we’d toyed with the idea of Mary and Jane being a pair of actual characters but weren’t super set on any treatment ideas we had bounced around just yet. Then one day while we were playing a livestream show, I (Mallory) had a little bolt of inspiration hit me as we were playing ‘My Best Friends’. When we were done with the stream, I said to Lauren (thinking I sounded crazy) ‘I think maybe Mary and Jane should be puppets’ – and I was shocked when she said ‘that’s…kinda brilliant!’ So, we looked on Ebay and happened to find two puppets that came together as a set, had the same hair colour as us and also had 70s outfits on. It was seriously cosmic timing.”

“Making the video was such a fun experience. Working with Mike Darling who also directed “Ghost” and “Fool’s Gold” always is. But adding in the element of puppets who might be little troublemakers, we could NOT stop laughing. Leigh and Will had us doubling over with giggles. Also, shooting at the House of Adora really felt like a Nashville culture rite of passage. It’s such a gorgeous space. We hope this video makes people smile, helps them have a good time, and to look for weird shapes in the clouds with their ‘best friends’ every once in a while.”

Indeed, ‘My Best Friends’ will make you smile.  But beyond the comedy, there is music of real quality to enjoy.  The Americana duo, Lauren Harding and Mallory Trunnell, possess fine voices that blend, harmonise and complement the other beautifully.  The vocal melody is gorgeous, floating above lovely sonic layers provided by Brian Allen’s bass and cello and Zach Runquist’s guitar.  With character and wit to match their excellent songcraft, Crimson Calamity are ones to watch.  Check it out.

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