Video Premiere: David Ford & Annie Dressner “Some Folks Are Just Lucky I Guess”

We are delighted to premiere the latest single from David Ford and Annie Dressner just before they embark on their ‘Summer Holiday Tour’‘Some Folks Are Just Lucky I Guess’ is typically melodic, a wistful narrative that flows through their tuneful vocals.  It is the pair’s voices that are at the heart of this song, combining perfectly, skilfully moving together and apart in a harmonic dance.  The song is accompanied by an effective video that reinforces the music and places the singers at the centre.  The way the screen is sectioned, that very clear and defined partition, and the different coloured filters indicate separation but, by the end, these are gone and the flowers and the body language speak of acceptance, peace and care for one another.  Most strikingly, both singers genuinely perform the song, singing with real emotion and telling the story through their visual expression as well as through their tone and the quality of their voices.

Dressner and Ford are accomplished, highly-regarded solo songwriters.  Dressner is a New Yorker now living in the UK while Ford hails from Eastbourne.  Beginning many miles apart, it seems an unlikely combination.  However, when they performed on the same set in early 2022, they formed a friendship that led to an outstanding collaboration.  It began with joining one another on stage for a couple of songs each evening of their tour but then their creativity was unleashed in an explosive burst of song-writing.  Within two days of combined creativity, they had most of the material that would become ’48 Hours’, an album named named for how swiftly the music poured from them.  The duo explain: “‘Some Folks Are Just Lucky I Guess’ is one of the six songs off our album (released today 1 July!) titled ’48 Hours’.  As the song says, ‘the chances were billions to one’ that we would, in fact, meet, become friends, write an album within 48 hours, two days after meeting and be putting this album out at all!  We hope that you enjoy it!”

Having had the great pleasure of seeing the duo perform live, I can confirm that this is one of those partnerships that just works.  Check it out for yourself on ‘The Summer Holiday Tour’ – dates available here.  The tour takes in seaside settings and small theatres, intimate, atmospheric venues that Dressner and Ford’s personal, sensitive songs can fill with sound and emotion.  While waiting for the tour, check this out and absorb the brand new album.

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