Video premiere: Drew Danburry “Mediocrity, For Micah Dahl Anderson”

We leave you this week dear reader with something very special indeed. Sometimes a song comes along that just blows you out of the water and this is one such moment. Drew Danburry owns and runs a barbershop in Provo, Utah, and first came onto my horizon when he played a house gig at my place back in around 2004. To say he made an impression is to understate the evening.

After a hiatus which lasted a few years, Drew started recording again and recently released an EP called ‘Pallid Boy and Spindling Girl’ which we reviewed favourably earlier in the year. The first track of that EP epitomises everything I love about americana in its broad Comes With a Smile quirky sense. Drew told us: “It was the first recording I did with Jed Jones and we recorded it on a whim. I had been cutting his hair at the barber shop and he had mentioned he was a recording engineer and we decided to record it for fun. It evolved into the first three songs of the Pallid Boy & Spindling Girl EP and a yet to be released album that I’m really excited about.”

The video (featuring among other cameos “Clumsy Jesus”) is a delight from start to finish, and the lyrics, with their painful reference to our collective vulnerability, drill down into your soul. In all honesty, this feels like as good a reason as any for AUK to exist. Have a good one.

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