Video Premiere: Grace Pettis “Drop Another Pin”

In a time of turbulent change, very little feels permanent anymore.  The new single from Grace Pettis focuses on the importance of being able to live in the moment, grounding yourself while accepting the shifting world around you.  With a catchy vocal melody and hooks, ‘Drop Another Pin’ becomes an upbeat celebration of this approach to life.  Recorded on her husband’s mobile phone during the lockdown, the video has a retro feel, achieved by adding overlays of stock footage.   

Pettis shares her feelings about the song: “I’m happiest when I’m able to centre myself within my own little dot on the map, in the midst of constant change, and throughout my life, I’ve learned that change is really the only constant. I had lots of experience, as a young kid, with packing a suitcase; I moved several times, started new schools several times, and went back and forth between my divorced parents’ home…I was a big city girl and a small town girl, all at the same time. In my small town life, pretty much everybody was white and conservative and went to church. In my big city life, sometimes I was the only white kid in the room, and there were a lot of different political and religious opinions in the backdrop.  From my parents’ own different beliefs and perspectives, to the differences I experienced in the worlds I moved through, I learned not only to accept change and contradiction, but to embrace it. Different perspectives lead to a deeper truth.”

During the lockdown, Pettis has been an advocate for change and racial justice, releasing the single ‘White Noise’ from which all proceeds are going to Color of Change, which is an organisation campaigning for equality.  The Austin singer has just recorded her debut full-length album for MPress in Nashville, which is due in 2021.  It’s the follow-up to two independently-released albums that have seen Pettis slowly build her reputation as a songwriter and develop a sizeable following.  She’s won acclaim and prestigious awards, such as NPR’s Mountain Stage New Song Contest.  Pettis is a promising performer with a bright future.  And she’s a Star Trek fan.

While you’re waiting for the new album to appear, tap your feet to this.  You can buy the song here.

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