Video Premiere: Oliver James Brooks “Lead Foot”

Opening with rhythmic, fuzzy electric guitar unfolding in a slow, atmospheric rumble, the new single from Oliver James Brooks is a hypnotic song to get lost in.  Written while sitting like a child in the backseat of his Grandpa’s Buick Century, ‘Lead Foot’ is about moving on, passing through.  Although life seems to pass us by, “Some things stay closer than the objects in the mirror,” Brooks observes in his moody, almost whispered vocal.  In between verses, Brooks’ guitar rings out in slow, meandering solos, like another powerful but lonely voice.

The lyrics, sonic thrust and visual all work together to create one stylistic, cohesive whole.  Brooks’ partner, Kiyomi Burgin, shot all the footage for the video on 8mm film, capturing open roads, the emptiness and sweeping views of vast farmland fields and rural isolation.  Brooks is from the small town of Markdale, Ontario, and has grown up with the landscapes depicted in a video that  effectively reinforces the song, making it more meaningful.

‘Lead Foot’ is the third single from forthcoming album ‘Storm chasing’, which was recorded at Gavin Gardiner’s All Day Coconut studio in Toronto.  Brooks explains, “The initial plan was to book some time at Gavin’s studio and if all went well more time would be booked,” but he rapidly put together an albums-worth of songs with almost all the sounds captured on an old Tascam 388 8″ track tape machine, giving a texture and aged depth that mirrors the images in the video for ‘Lead foot’.  Look out for the new album, due out on 12th November.  In the meantime, check this out.

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