Video Premiere: The Bean Pickers Union “Warrior”

Since 2006, Chuck Melchin has been putting out great Americana with a fluid, ever-changing collective called The Bean Picker’s Union, a cast of fine musicians.  The band’s music reflects a range of roots influences and they have successfully tackled different styles.  However, ‘Warrior’ is all about the foot-tapping, high-tempo rhythm and great guitar-work that drives us through the song.

Melchin says of the song and how it was recorded: “This song is set in the American civil war, but could have been set in any war, in any place, at any time. And it’s not political at all. It’s really about the sacrifice we ask our young people to make when we send them off to war. On the recording side, I had bass, drums and my rhythm guitar recorded and was heading in one day to Moontower Studio to do the vocals when I thought of how great it would be to have my pal John Brookhouse play the lead on this song. So I called and asked him if he’d like to give it a go, and although he had a show with another band in less than two hours, he stopped in the studio and in one take nailed the record’s most perfect lead. Amazing. John now fronts the excellent metal band Worshipper.”

This energetic song first appeared back in 2007 on The Bean Pickers Union debut album ‘Potlatch’.  It’s a perfect choice to represent the upcoming retrospective album, ‘Greatest Picks’, which is due for release on 17th September.  This new ‘best of’ takes us through the last fifteen years or so and there’s a bit of everything in there: country rock, uptempo bluegrass and more delicate ballads.  The montage video for ‘Warrior’ sets the scene and fans will enjoy the footage and images of performances and musicians who have contributed during Melchin’s journey with the band.  Check it out and tap your feet.

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