Video Premiere: The Sweeplings “I’m Not OK”

Here is the premiere of ‘I’m Not OK from American duo The Sweeplings.  Cami Bradley and Whitney Dean deliver a breath-taking performance, full of heart and emotional resonance.  Over lush piano and guitar, Bradley’s distinctive voice rises and falters in waves before soaring towards the climax.  Her vocals are full of melodic beauty and aching intensity.  The song was written by Dean and Bradley about the death of Cami’s father and, from the opening lines, it reflects and generates powerful feelings of loss.  She says: “What I wanted to share in my music is the feeling that I am not okay. It’s the song where I pushed back the most lyrically. I connected to the line about the scars because it was a way to hold onto my dad. The fact that the scar still exists means that my dad still exists.”

Dean continues: “‘I’m Not OK’ embodies the most raw emotion of grief we could put into words. We endeavoured to capture how it feels to lose someone you love and how that carries an immense amount of bittersweetness. The lyrics, ‘all these scars on my heart are more than broken skin, they are evidence of you,’ shares how healing from grief is a journey. There is no end, there is no right answer, there is no perfect outcome. If you’ve loved, then the pain of loss will surely stick with you forever. The pain will lessen, but it will never disappear.  This song is for anyone dealing with struggle, heartache or pain. Sometimes, it’s ok to not be ok.  The live performance is as richly raw as the recording. Just two people, sharing their hearts, hoping to connect with even one person who also hurts at times.”

The pair’s new full-length record ‘Debris’ is out now; it charts the pair’s journey through challenging times and from new life to death, beginning just before the pandemic.  It was a period in which Whitney and his wife had their first child just days after Bradley’s father had died.  Turbulent times led to a greater level of intensity and atmosphere.  The end result feels vulnerable and fragile. Both lyrically and musically, ‘I’m not Okay’ is captivating.  Check it out.

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