Video: Shawna Caspi “Wait Love”

Photo credit: Roni Hoffman

Here is the second single from Shawna Caspi’s brand new album ‘Hurricane Coming’, available from Bandcamp here.  ‘Wait Love’ is Caspi’s first co-write with producer Joel Schwartz, who also provides warm guitar, banjo and shimmering Rhodes piano. Caspi’s voice is light and clear, rising and floating above the gently urgent rhythms and delivering a gorgeous vocal melody.

The song is all about the ongoing impact of a relationship that’s ended: the scars burned into us and the sensory stimuli that can take us right back into those memories. Such experiences shape us and  many listeners will be able to relate to the lyrical content. The video reinforces this message, showing the art of pyrography, which involves the use of a heated pen to burn images onto wood.  It’s fascinating to watch the artist, Ontario’s Saskia Tomkins, at work. Tomkins is herself a celebrated musician and award-winning fiddle player, who has performed on over sixty albums with various groups and other artists.

Caspi created paintings for each song on the new album. The abstract piece for ‘Wait Love’ was inspired by pyrography as she explains: “Wood is a living thing, and every living thing reacts to a flame in a unique way. Pyrography is the art of writing with fire – there is an element of danger in that, but the result is a work of beauty. The bold lines and marks of woodburning mirror the scars left in the wake of a turbulent relationship and are depicted in the painting with prints and etchings in contrasting colours.”

Check out ‘Wait Love’, which is musically engaging but also notable for the way other artistic disciplines have been used to convey a universal theme of love and human relationships.

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