Video: William Lawrence “Fool For You”

The new single from New York singer-songwriter William Lawrence is warm, open-hearted and uplifting.  It’s the title track from his upcoming third full album, which is due on 24th December, just in time for Christmas.  Early work on the new album was interrupted by the pandemic, as Lawrence explains: “Once it was clear that we would no longer be getting together in person to play music, we decided to continue working on the songs together from our own home studios. Bedrooms, living rooms, attic spaces…we all recorded from where we could.”  Despite the limitations imposed by lockdowns, Lawrence describes it as: “…the most collaborative record I’ve ever made.”

Indeed, the record benefits from the contributions of a wonderful set of players, including James Felice (The Felice Brothers).  Williams says: “My usual model of working and recording alone or with just a few other friends on a project was no longer how I wanted to operate.  This album was how I hung out with my friends – on the phone discussing parts, sending musical ideas back and forth, recording and revising – throughout 2020. Working on these songs was a huge part of what helped me stay connected, sane, and creatively fulfilled during the course of a very strange and difficult year. It’s been a positive experience bringing these songs to life with my friends, even if most of it was done from afar, clinking beers virtually.”

For several years, Lawrence has been the drummer for The Felice Brothers as well as touring and recording with various other artists, such as Conor Oberst.  That sort of quality shows through here.  Enjoy.

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