Volume Five “County Wishing Well” – Longing for simpler days at home

We haven’t had a chance to feature the Bluegrass prowess of Volume Five for a while, but they have a new single ‘County Wishing Well’ out which beneath its jolly exterior carries some bitter-sweet memories with the narrator looking back to a simpler time “back before the war and the market fell.”  It’s a cover of a song written by Josh Miller who released his version a couple of years ago, after the story and the song came to him complete in a dream.

Volume Five’s Glen Harrell says that “Josh Miller has always been one of my favorite musicians and songwriters because of his approach to songwriting and creating melodies. I love ‘County Wishing Well’ because of its depiction of the life of someone gone off to war and what they experienced in their life during wartime, including their vivid and precious memories of home.

The song features Glen Harrell on lead vocal and fiddle; Jacob Burleson on guitar and tenor vocal; Aaron Ramsey on mandolin and baritone vocal; Chris Wade on banjo; Jacob Eller on bass; and Jeff Partin on resophonic guitar.  Jeff Partin also engineered, mixed, and mastered the song.

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