Waiting For Brenda “Punks Not Dead (It’s Gone Country) – the well trod path

We continue our unofficial Australiana Day with a song from the debut album from Brisbane’s Waiting For Brenda.  The album’s called ‘Friendly Disposition‘ and this song pays acknowledgement to a well known path for many Americana musicians – they start out being in a punk band and then mature into being in a rebellious Americana band.

Waiting for Brenda features twangy guitar, lap-steel/dobro, fiddle, drums, harmonica and bass with Garry “Gman” Bain on Guitar, Peter Cheney on bass, John Harrison on dobro and lap-steel guitar, Luke Mysliwy on fiddle, Craig (Billy) Tobin on drums and Brenda Lee Kelly on vocals/guitar and singwriting.

You’ll never guess where the name of the band comes from…oh, you’ve guessed.  Yeah, apparently her friends used to joke that they were always waiting for Brenda and it would be a good band name. There’s an additional spin on that story as Brenda completed 14 months breast cancer treatment before recording the album with her friends who had just been waiting for Brenda to be ok to do it.


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