Wes Chiller “Humminbird” – flutterin’ by spreading happiness

Photo: William Wallace

Of course young guns like the Americana UK crew like to pride ourselves on being edgy – we have a whole chest full of flags to fly and we’re well aware that anger is an energy.  Sometimes though there is room for something a little more laid back – point in case is Wes Chiiler’s new song ‘Humminbird‘ which is a jar full of California sunshine and good vibes.  The song came together in an organic manner – Wes was sitting in his backyard strumming his ukulele when he found a riff that commanded his attention. While wondering what to write lyrics about, a hummingbird paid him a visit.

The imagery of the hummingbird could have many meanings, but there’s a particular one for Wes, who found childhood memories of his grandmother – who encouraged him to slow down and enjoy the small things in life – coming to mind.  As he relates: “She would be like ‘Wes, look, it’s a hummingbird!’ and I would get all excited to see this little bird flying at a million miles an hour, making countless stops.  ‘Humminbird’ is a song about family. It’s a song about tradition and appreciation for the small things.  I’ve dedicated this song to her and to all of us who have lost loved ones. Hopefully this can provide some healing for them, too.

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