What should I do, Americana UK?

Welcome to the second in our semi-regular advice column, which, it seems, might be running on a three weekly basis.  Some problems are complex, and some problems are very straightforward – and this week we have a case of the latter.  Messrs Simon and Garfunkel want to know why they aren’t getting all their mail.  They’re desperate for a missive even if it’s “only to say that you’re leaving me.”

We’ve kicked this around with our agony Aunts and Uncles and one common problem that came up was one of technology.  There’s a good chance that a letter has been sent – it just hasn’t arrived, or maybe it had the wrong postage and is being held pending the delivery of a payment required card.  On the whole we feel that agony Uncle Roger McGuinn has the right answer – you should upgrade to some more modern technology for your communications – have you considered a ‘Car Phone‘ ?  Give it a try – it’s the way of the future.


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