Whitehorse “Division 5” – no help from the Mounties

Photo: Lyle Bell

Whitehorse is the Canadian duo of Melissa McClelland and Luke Doucet, who have toiched on many genres across their recording career.  Psychedelic country, pop noir, squalling blues rock, and celestial folk – they’ve done them all and have succeeded at them all with five consecutive JUNO Award nominations in many different genre categories.  Their new album ‘I’m Not Crying, You’re Crying is out on January 13th and in advance of it they recently released a pair of singles, of which ‘Division 5‘ is one.

Division 5‘ is the sorry tale of a man who has lost his love and settles on the not so very unreasonable plan of asking the Canadian Mounted Police to track her down.  It’s not unreasonable – the Mounties do have an enviable reputation for Track and Trace which maybe would have been of benefit recently in the form of an App – however it is unsuccessful.  As the desk officer explains (in song) “brother that’s the deal sometimes it’s over and done for real, there ain’t a goddamn thing the Mounties can do.”  Adding, perhaps less helpfully, that “they ain’t seen nobody so lost before” as they showed him out of the building.

Next stop the fire brigade, ‘cos he got burned by the Mounties.

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