Wonder Women Of Country “Another Broken Heart” – Looking for another half

Kelly Willis, Melissa Carper, and Brennen Leigh are the Wonder Women Of Country – not yet another comic book superhero team but a power house of classic country, a sound of acoustic instruments, harmony vocals and, in the case of this song, a honky-tonking story of heartache and broken love.  As Kelly Willis describes it: “This is a song I heard Monte Warden and Bruce Robison start writing in the other room, I was so smitten with the verse I heard, that I could not help getting all up in this song’s business. I wrote a bridge and chorus for it and the guys did not seem to mind that I crashed their party. It’s a classic crying in your beer heartbreak song with a kind of 70’s style country/pop feel. Misery loves/needs company.

Wonder Women Of Country came together at the end of 2021 after the trio had found themselves sharing stages as solo artists.  The coming together as a musical team was in part prompted by audience reaction, as Kelly Willis tells it: “At every show, folks were asking if we had records together.  After months and months of that, we finally found a chance to go make one.”  Their forthcoming EP, ‘Wonder Women of Country: Willis, Carper, Leigh,’ is set for release on March 15th.

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