Zach Harjo “Cemetery Dreams” – we’re on a road to nowhere

Photo: Bryan Feddern

Laying out some Powerpop credentials on his new album ‘Black Moon‘ is Seattle based songwriter, painter, and sculptor Zach Harjo.  It’s no surprise that his music should move in that direction as Zach Harjo was a Beatles obsessive from a young age, although it was Harjo’s great grandmother that told him he too could capture magic in melody. “She was a ragtime piano player and taught me a couple songs. She also played the trumpet, banjo and drums”, explains Harjo. “She proclaimed without any irony that she invented jazz.”

Cemetery Dreams‘ is the opener of the new album, an album which explores existential angst and fears, and contemplates the folly of mankind as we , as individuals, make our march towards our final collective goal of not-being.  Jolly thoughts for the first week of January, but that’s what we’re here for – to keep you anchored in reality, no matter how bleak

Through the magic of multi-tracking ‘Black Moon‘ actually features, despite the lush layers of sound, just four musicians – alongside Zach Harjo there is his long-time collaborator, the multi-instrumentalist Jeff Fielder who played everything from drums to banjo, marxophone to omnichord, programmed beats and arranged mellotron strings and horns. Drummer and engineer Eric Eagle contributed percussion and additional parts. Harmonies and backing vocals were provided by singer songwriter Tekla Waterfield.

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