Ryan Adams wages Trump-style Twitter war on the Strokes

This will cheer you up over your cornflakes. Stereogum reports: “Did Ryan Adams just get around to reading Meet Me In The Bathroom? There’s a moment in the book, Lizzy Goodman’s great oral history of the early-’00s New York rock scene, where we learn that the Strokes got together to hold a meeting banning Ryan Adams, once a friend of the band, from hanging out with any of them anymore. The problem, it seems, was that the members of the band, Julian Casablancas in particular, thought Adams was a bad influence on Albert Hammond, Jr., who was starting to have serious problems with addiction. It’s hard to think of any other reason why, out of the blue, Adams would just start talking shit about the Strokes on Twitter, but that’s what’s happening. Here’s what Adams says about Casablancas:

And here’s what he says about Hammond:

He didn’t even bother to spell Hammond’s first name right! “It Never Rains In Southern California” was a big hit for Albert Hammond, Sr. in 1972. “As you were -RA x” is a reference to Liam Gallagher’s preferred Twitter sign-off.

And now we’re all holding our collective breath, refreshing Twitter and waiting to see what Adams has to say about Nick Valensi.

UPDATE: More from DRA…

Author: Mark Whitfield

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