Steven Adams returns with new band The French Drops – Listen

Ex Broken Family Band-er Steven Adams is back with his new band The French Drops – featuring members of The Drink – and a new album ‘Virtue Signals’ which is due out via Hudson Records on 4th May. They’ll be heading out on a UK tour in May starting off at The Castle in Manchester on 2 May – full dates are below.  He’s shared the opening track to the new album below, called ‘Bad Apples’.  “You’re part of something,” Adams sings, “the thing you tore apart” – a song about the flag-waving, supposed patriots whose voices are drowning out the national conversation. Continue reading “Steven Adams returns with new band The French Drops – Listen”

Christof van der Ven “Killed This Stone Dead” – Listen

Showing his youthful musical influences of 1960’s American and English folk, Christof van der Ven is a singer-songwriter who is about to release his debut album from which ‘Killed this stone dead’ is taken.  In his own words, he has had “ten years of dragging myself around and playing to whoever would listen, putting out EPs in the hope that they would be heard, and frankly procrastinating in the hope that the elements would combine with enough force to kick my arse into making this album”.  Judging by this gentle multilayered track it’s been worth the wait.

Owen Williams “Standing Still Will Kill You” (Independent 2018)

Opening with the Gospel-tinged ‘Else The Devil Try’ and then dragging the choir into the far more country rocky ‘The Man Who Ate The Hurricane’ sets Williams’s stall out as a purveyor of the gothic country as demonstrated by the likes of Viarosa and some of Willard Grant (without the apocalyptic vocals). There’s lots of fire and fury with Williams couching his vocals atop a swinging guitar and piano refrain. ‘Oil and Water’ is similar in the way that a motif is created before the echoey vocals dive in, followed by the wailing backing vocals and feedback dripping guitar. This is moody stuff! Continue reading “Owen Williams “Standing Still Will Kill You” (Independent 2018)”

The Hanging Stars, the Victoria, Dalston, London, 22nd February 2018

The Hanging Stars brought the sound of summer to the Victoria pub in Dalston on an otherwise cold and dismal February night last Thursday. Launching their sophomore release, ‘Songs for Somewhere Else,’ The Hanging Stars were appropriately accompanied by a mindbending liquid light show from Innerstrings which acted as a perfect counterpoint to their music – described by the band as ‘cosmic psychedelic country folk soul.’ Continue reading “The Hanging Stars, the Victoria, Dalston, London, 22nd February 2018”

Tremends “Now We Know” – Listen

‘Now We Know’ is a ripe slice of fuzzed up guitar driven psych-rock.  Juan Rozas demonstrates a fine restraint on the guitar solos here – precise, but not flash, backed up by the booming drum sound of brother Alejo Rozas and bass from Alex Posada.  A staple of the Miami rock scene for several years, ‘Now We Know’ is their latest single.


Neil Young: “Google rip off the artist community”

An interesting story which went up on Stereogum last week although is the Pope a Catholic, etc. They report:”Neil Young is no fan of multinational corporations. And in a lengthy new post on his Neil Young Archives site entitled Google And Artists, the rocker takes aim at one of the big ones. He begins by reminiscing about his 1996 album Broken Arrow, then pivots into an angry screed about how Google “continue to rip off the artist community, building their wealth on music’s back and paying nothing to the artists,” and then finishes out with an ad for the Neil Young Archives project and his XStream streaming service. Take this journey with him below: Continue reading “Neil Young: “Google rip off the artist community””

All The Luck In The World “A Blind Arcade” (Independent 2018)

All The Luck in the World are three young Irish songwriters from County Wicklow who gained a degree of attention when a home recorded song of theirs titled ‘Never’ gained a large following on YouTube back in 2012, and subsequently got picked up by the travel comparison website, Trivago – further enhancing their exposure. Continue reading “All The Luck In The World “A Blind Arcade” (Independent 2018)”

3hattrio “Lord Of The Desert” (Okehdokee Records, 2018)

Great music is often connected to the landscape it springs from and, listening to it, your imagination will immediately take you to that land. ‘Lord of the Desert’, from US folk group 3hattrio, immediately transports you to the desert lands of the Zion National Park in Utah, which this eclectic group of musicians, folklorists, artists and poets call home. Deserts can be among the most beautiful locations on the planet; there’s a haunting quality to them that is also apparent in this fascinating collection of songs and tunes on an album that is captivating for the sense of wide open space it conjures up. Continue reading “3hattrio “Lord Of The Desert” (Okehdokee Records, 2018)”