Pick of the Political Pops: Waylon Jennings “Mental Revenge”

We like to think ourselves as fairly tolerant folk here at Americana-UK Towers and are prepared to forgive and forget most things (except not putting fifty pence in the meter over the Bank Holiday so that the jukebox in The Bunker wouldn’t work just as we were getting nicely sloshed and enjoying some banging tunes – the perpetrator was taken out and flogged, obvs.) Occasionally though we can’t help thinking that those who’ve got it coming will eventually get it – y’know – the bigots, the racists, the homophobes, the zealots, the misogynists, the misandrists, the misanthropes, the lickspittles, the gobshites, the userers, the polluters, the falsifiers, the fakers, the corner-cutters and – generally speaking – the human excrement that you wouldn’t cross the street to piss on if they were afire. Yeah, those people. You’ll get your comeuppance. By the way we hadn’t realised that Waylon Jennings was so clean cut back in the day:

Speedbuggy USA “Kick Out The Twang” (Wagon Wheel, 2018)

Speedbuggy USA are a classic sounding, country-rock and roll band coming out of Los Angeles with their newest release ‘Kick Out The Twang’. Taking inspiration from country acts like Buck Owens, Merle Haggard and American life itself and adding their own rock and roll twist, Speedbuggy USA take that inspiration and put their own stamp on it and they play it very well indeed. Continue reading “Speedbuggy USA “Kick Out The Twang” (Wagon Wheel, 2018)”

Robbie Fulks and Linda Gail Lewis set to go Wild! in August

Robbie Fulks, who was nominated for two 2017 Grammy Awards last year, has announced details of a new album ‘Wild! Wild! Wild!’, a collaboration with rock-and-roll royalty Linda Gail Lewis, which arrives August 10th on the Bloodshot label. The album is described as “Americana music that’s as butt-shakin’ as Beale Street, deep-rooted as the Grand Ole Opry, and hip as a trip to The Strip. Subversive as it is reverential, the album jumps the genre tracks of nitty-gritty rock-and-roll, country-and-western, rockabilly, jump swing, and gospel, landing in a strange slice of spacetime—call it 1954—when all these were One (and Linda was 7).” Continue reading “Robbie Fulks and Linda Gail Lewis set to go Wild! in August”