Pick of the Political Pops: Wilbert Harrison “Let’s Stick Together”

This week we have noted with a strange combination of amusement and disbelief that the UK’s negotiating strategy regarding Brexit (yep – that again) continues to consist mainly of our glorious leaders throwing their toys out of the pram and stamping their petulant little feet (supposing that it is possible to stamp one’s feet in a pram). People from all over the political spectrum are divided over the issue and it did look at one point as if The Blues might implode under the pressure of self-righteousness. However Minister Prime Terry Might stepped in and poured oil on burning waters promising some of the rebellious little tykes all manner of concessions in order to keep the party together. And as long as there is unity in the party then that’s all right then (given that that is pretty much the reason we are in this mess to begin with). We also noted that The Tartan Terrors really did up the toy/pram/ejection stakes by stamping their own little feet right out of the debating chamber. Impressive petulance right there, we thought. And, of course, The Reds still have their finger hovering over the Self Destruct button when they could be making disunited hay over the travails of the others. But as long as we are all together (in this) it’s all fine. We can still look our Americana-UK children in the eye to coin a phrase.

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