Hillman and McGuinn play at Byrds tribute gig

Have a good weekend dear reader – we leave you today with news of Roger McGuinn and Chris Hillman who on Wednesday night re-united at downtown L.A.’s vintage, cathedral-like Ace Hotel Theatre. Billboard report: “The night’s Sweetheart of the Rodeo 50th anniversary album tribute offered such a steady stream of—mostly quite intriguing—curatorial observations that some attendees may have wondered if they had happened upon a “So You Want to Be A Rock and Roll Star” Ted talk that, happily, kept threatening to break out as a concert extravaganza of guitar-drunk Americana.  Continue reading “Hillman and McGuinn play at Byrds tribute gig”

The Jayhawks “Back Roads and Abandoned Motels” (Legacy Recordings, 2018)

Gary Louris, co-founder and longtime main man of the much-loved Jayhawks has also been much in demand over the years as a co-writer, working with the likes of Natalie Maines and The Dixie Chicks, Carrie Rodriguez, Scott Thomas, Jakob Dylan and Ari Hest.  Studio album number 10 sees Louris, with the exception of two new songs, reworking some of these songs for The Jayhawks. Continue reading “The Jayhawks “Back Roads and Abandoned Motels” (Legacy Recordings, 2018)”

Pick of the Political Pops: Hank Williams “Cool Water”

It won’t have escaped the attention of UK based readers that it’s been a tad warm of late. So warm has it been, in fact, that we have taken to The Bunker at every opportunity to cool down with select beers and suitably frosty chasers. And, in extremis, the odd glass of chilled water. News has reached us that the water companies are mooting a restricted use policy on the old Adam’s Ale starting with hosepipes but who knows where it will end? Continue reading “Pick of the Political Pops: Hank Williams “Cool Water””

The Herbert Bail Orchestra “Hold Your Own” – Listen

Los Angeles indie-folk rockers The Herbert Bail Orchestra have officially announced their sophomore LP, ‘History’s Made At Night’ and along with the announcement, the band have shared their new single ‘Hold Your Own’ which LA Record pitched as them “putting a Springsteen-style ethic into an indie Americana sound.” “I took five years to make this album—I’ve seen bands rise to great success and fall in the time I’ve been working on it,” vocalist Anthony Frattolillo says. “At some point, I wasn’t concerned with the idea that I should have released a follow-up four years ago, right after we had all of that momentum with the first album. I thought it was more important to get it right—that in the long run, in a hundred years when I’m dead and gone and somebody listens to this, they’re going to hear it and say, ‘Damn, this is good. It’s thoughtful,  intentional—it’s timeless.” Yeah alright Anthony!!!  (It is pretty good).

Riley Moore “Vagrant” (Independent, 2018)

Nashville native, Riley Moore’s world travels have inspired his new album ‘Vagrant,’ which reflects on his experiences and his musical influences. The album pays tribute to Bob Dylan,  who is a clear inspiration for the singer-songwriter, on a number of tracks both musically and in his vocals. Straight from the first track, you can see his Dylan-esqe style, clearly drawing from 1960s American folk music. The album comes from a lifetime of experiences with the likes of ‘Pancakes and M&M’s’ – a take on the theme of childhood – something that can be guessed just from the song title. This track truly captures the light-heartedness and fun of an American childhood with lyrics like “daddy’s lab coat was a white cape, his hugs could make the world shake” – the tune fully embracing the freedom of being a child. Continue reading “Riley Moore “Vagrant” (Independent, 2018)”

Iron & Wine announce new EP “Weed Garden” – Listen

Two of the best things in life are ironing and wine, and in celebration of that fact Iron & Wine aka Sam Beam has announced a new EP ‘Weed Garden’ which comes out on August 31 via Sub Pop. The six-song release, almost more of a mini-album, includes songs that Beam worked on while writing last year’s ‘Beast Epic’ record which garnered some nice reviews all round. It also includes the track ‘Waves of Galveston’ which Beam has performed live but never released officially. You can hear the opening track ‘What Hurts Worse’ (being hit with an iron or a bottle of wine) below. Continue reading “Iron & Wine announce new EP “Weed Garden” – Listen”

River Whyless “Kindness, A Rebel” (Roll Call Records, 2018)

Kindness as an act of rebellion. North Carolinian indie folksters have a mission statement of sorts: “Like America itself, kindness is an ideal, a thing we must strive to attain even as we know we’ll always fall a little short. But kindness is not synonymous with passivity, with apathy or complacency. Kindness is active, deliberate and self-assured.” If ever there was a time when a slew of record releases seem to emphasise that the personal is political – whether that be recent albums by Courtney Marie Andrews, and especially the latest Birds of Chicago album, ‘Life in Wartime’ – then that time is now. And the latest recording by River Whyless is no different, raising questions about privilege, economic inequality, class, and the rise of populism – in sometimes deft and original ways. Continue reading “River Whyless “Kindness, A Rebel” (Roll Call Records, 2018)”

Del Amitri, Manchester Apollo, 22nd July 2018

It’s funny how some artists who don’t ever label themselves as americana have a certain resonance with americana audiences – Del Amitri are one of those bands and notwithstanding the fact that they sometimes tend to veer dangerously close to dad rock territory at least in terms of the company they keep on MOR radio, tonight’s set in Manchester proved just what a great songwriter Justin Currie is and has always been. After all, the art of the song is at the heart of americana. Continue reading “Del Amitri, Manchester Apollo, 22nd July 2018”