Courtney Hartman and Taylor Ashton “Been On Your Side” (Free Dirt Records, 2018)

This is the debut album offering from two friends and fine musicians who have honed their art in the industry for a number of years. Courtney Hartman was until very recently part of Della Mae a five-piece all-girl bluegrass group from Boston and a nominee for the 2017 Americana Music Association Instrumentalist of the Year award for her guitar playing, whilst Taylor Ashton is from Canadian roots group Fish & Bird and a superb clawhammer banjo player. Continue reading “Courtney Hartman and Taylor Ashton “Been On Your Side” (Free Dirt Records, 2018)”

Carousel “Don’t Let it Die” – Listen

Hard to believe but Carousel are a new band – on their new single ‘Don’t Let it Die‘ they sound just so assured – with harmony vocals zinging around over a perfect Summertime high energy folk-rock backing.  Glorious.  The four piece, based in Southend-on-Sea will be taking their music on the road in September.  They explain that the song is an open letter to creative minds. Within the lyrics, we wanted to encapsulate the feeling of being inspired but misunderstood, as many of us artists are. Equally, we felt the need to reiterate how important art is to society. It is so crucial that art plays its part in people’s lives in times of political and social struggle, that they welcome it in and find some respite within.”.  Right On! Continue reading “Carousel “Don’t Let it Die” – Listen”

Erin Rae putting on shows in the UK

Erin Rae will tour the UK & Europe this summer in support of her critically acclaimed recent album ‘Putting on Airs’ which came out on Single Lock records in June, and combines indie rock, folk and psychedelia. The album was recorded at the Refuge, a former Franciscan monastery in Appleton, Wisconsin, and produced by engineer Dan Knobler and multi-instrumentalist Jerry Bernhardt. Continue reading “Erin Rae putting on shows in the UK”

Hannah Aldridge + Guests, The Lexington, London, 23rd July 2018

Hannah Aldridge has certainly put in the spade work where touring Europe in the recent past is concerned. She finished her series of UK dates in London with a live album recording before heading to Sweden for two nights prior to returning home so she can focus on playing shows in the US and take a much needed step back from the music industry. Tonight she curated an event in which some of her favourite musical friends were encouraged to perform and record alongside her. Continue reading “Hannah Aldridge + Guests, The Lexington, London, 23rd July 2018”