Video Premiere: Martha Scanlan “Las Cruces”

Here’s a lovely song from Martha Scanlan, taken from her latest album ‘The River And The Light’, which, in her eloquent words, “is tied to currents, almost like human stories told by rivers, different points on the journey flowing into each other”.   A beautiful video directed by Kier Atherton accompanies it too and and we like it a lot.

Jerry Leger and the Situation return to the UK

Following a successful first tour of Europe last year, Canadian Jerry Leger returns to the UK for a series of shows with Dan Mock on bass and Kyle Sullivan on drums – both players in Jerry’s band, The Situation. To coincide with the tour, Jerry has released a compilation titled ‘Too Broke To Die: A Retrospective 20052019’ which came out on March 29th. Continue reading “Jerry Leger and the Situation return to the UK”

The Maureens “Something in the Air” (Meritorio Records, 2019)

The Maureens’ third album, ‘Something in the Air,’ sharpens this four-piece from Utrecht, the Netherlands’ obsession with jangle-pop to a fine sepia-toned point.  Guitars ring, vocals tightly meld, choruses stick to the ears like aural confections.  The vocal harmonies of guitarist Hendrik-Jan de Wolff and bassist Wouter Zijlstra evoke both the seamless sibling connection of the Everly Brothers as well as the more playful stylings of the Turtles’ Howard Kaylan-Mark Volman variety. Continue reading “The Maureens “Something in the Air” (Meritorio Records, 2019)”

Larry ‘Ratso’ Sloman “Stubborn Heart” (Lucky Number Music, 2019)

“Larry ‘Ratso’ Sloman is a Jewish New York author. Readers here might be familiar with his account of the 1975 Rolling Thunder Revue ‘On the Road with Bob Dylan.’ Sloman also wrote ‘Reefer Madness,’ a social history of the use of marijuana in the USA. He is a friend and collaborator with fellow Jewish writer and musician, Kinky Friedman. ‘Stubborn Heart’ is Sloman’s first album and one that he has wanted to make for a long time. Continue reading “Larry ‘Ratso’ Sloman “Stubborn Heart” (Lucky Number Music, 2019)”

Maverick Festival Launch, Gibson Guitar Studios, 27th March 2019

The launch for this year’s Maverick festival, whose 2019 roster was recently announced on this website here, was again held at Gibson’s Guitar Studios in London’s West End. The overview for the 12th gathering in early July in the bucolic pastures of Easton Park Farm in Suffolk was provided by the festival’s founder and long-term director, Paul Spencer. Outlining the goodies to dip into this year, he flagged up that bluegrass and Cajun themes will be given some emphasis. He reminded us that key sponsors such as Southern Comfort and One Drop (carbon neutral mineral water) enable the festival to ‘punch above its weight’. Both beverages were available for guests and one option was accepted particularly merrily. Continue reading “Maverick Festival Launch, Gibson Guitar Studios, 27th March 2019”

Interview: Phil Lee on how he finally saddled up with Crazy Horse

It’s taken a hell of a long time for Phil Lee to get in the saddle and corral his Crazy Horse buddies, Ralph Molina and Billy Talbot, into the studio to record an album with him. His online notes for his 2013 album ‘The Fall And Further Decline Of The Mighty King Of Love’ state, “This was to be the album I was going to make with Ralph and Billy of Crazy Horse. We had a couple of great rehearsals and could’ve done it if we had a mobile unit in Ralph’s garage. Logistics didn’t help as they live in California. Continue reading “Interview: Phil Lee on how he finally saddled up with Crazy Horse”

Louien “Be Forgiven” – Listen

Louien is the performance name for Live Miranda Solberg, and this new track is taken from her album ‘None of My Words‘, which is out this September.  Live has said that “this album is probably more about the first phase of a grieving process – hopelessness, isolation, anxiety and depression”. However this warmly hopeful song has a more cheerful aspect – a reconciliation, a chance to “forgive and be forgiven“.  Hopeful, but life doesn’t always unravel that way – as Live notes “it’s about this beautiful moment that never got to grow into something more, and we never got to realise this new turn in our relationship.