Frankie Lee “Stillwater” (Loose Records, 2019)

Frankie Lee knows a thing or two about hypnotizing his listeners. For good reason, the Minnesota born and raised singer-songwriter has spent his younger years in the wide open Midwest, where time barely leaves a mark on the small towns and long roads. ‘Stillwater’ is a follow up to the excellent ‘American Dreamer’, Lee’s 2015 debut album, which was a tough one to match. No worries though, this present release is every bit as enchanting as the last. Continue reading “Frankie Lee “Stillwater” (Loose Records, 2019)”

Field Medic “Fade Into The Dawn” (Run For Cover, 2019)

Field Medic, aka Kevin Patrick, clearly doesn’t give a damn. The wild hearted Californian casually screams how bad his life sucks and does it with class and a healthy does of black humour. This second release on Run For Cover Records revolves around the musician blues: feeling neglected by the audience, having no other home than the passing Taco Bell, and no other satisfaction than the post-gig shot of booze. Continue reading “Field Medic “Fade Into The Dawn” (Run For Cover, 2019)”

Mike Ross “The Clovis Limit (Pt.1)” (Independent, 2019)

Mike Ross sure can coax dazzling overdriven riffs out of a guitar, and the tracks from his first two solo albums are here to prove it. Indeed, these records are laden with rocking numbers that would sound great in a smoky bar on a Friday night, à la Dr Feelgood, early Rod Stewart or The Black Crowes. However, ‘The Clovis Limit (Pt.1),’ Ross’ third studio album, strays away from his heavy blues origins and explores cleaner, folkier territories. Continue reading “Mike Ross “The Clovis Limit (Pt.1)” (Independent, 2019)”

Kyle Daniel “What’s There To Say?” (Independent, 2019)

Kyle Daniel’s life seems paved with near-misses that turn into gold. The Bowling Green, KY native picked up the guitar out of despair when he broke his leg playing baseball in an all-star junior team. Bitten by the bug, he polished his southern rock chops and took first place in a major blues competition just a couple years later. Continue reading “Kyle Daniel “What’s There To Say?” (Independent, 2019)”

Danni Nicholls “The Melted Morning” (Independent, 2019)

Danni Nicholls has been recording music for a decade now, and ‘The Melted Morning‘ attests she is at the top of her game. This third studio album keeps all the good ingredients of her past releases, most notably a punchy songwriting style and a velvety production, while highlighting the daintiness that she radiates elegantly. Continue reading “Danni Nicholls “The Melted Morning” (Independent, 2019)”