400 Unit’s Sadler Vaden to release new solo record

Which sounds like Boston to us, but hey that’s not a bad thing. Singer-songwriter Sadler Vaden otherwise known as the lead guitarist of Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit since 2013, has announced details of his second solo album which will be called ‘Anybody Out There?’ and self-produced by Vaden. The album will be released March 6th via Thirty Tigers/Dirty Mag Records and you can hear the first track below.

“I really wanted to make a concise, strong-sounding rock ‘n’ roll album that wasn’t like a garage-y type of thing but wasn’t too polished,” he told Billboard. “I wanted to take a little more of a deeper dive into my songwriting with this particular record, my awareness of what’s going on around me in the world as I see it…I’m going into my mid-30s. A lot of it just seeps in naturally, but with everything that’s going on in our culture and our society there were some things I felt like I wanted to say.”

Listen to the first track from the album ‘Next to You’ below.

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Author: Mark Whitfield

Mark Whitfield has been the Editor of Americana UK for the last 19 years and still feels like this is his pretend job, mainly because it is.

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