Dirty Dozen: Delta Howl

Delta Howl are Grant Ashman & Mark Neat. The duo was launched their debut single in March 2017, described by Classic Rock Magazine as ‘Lush & folksy, mixing pretty country with touches of Springsteen and stirring guitar slides. Who knew Dudley had such a soulful side’?

Can you tell us about yourself? Where you’re from and what you’ve been up to over the past few years?
We are both brought up and bred in The Black Country and our studio is in Dudley. We met around 8 years ago, a chance meeting at a bar in Stourbridge where one of us was singing. Since the meeting we played in various bands, played in the states and toured with bands as varied as The Charlatans to Blackberry Smoke. The past year we have locked ourselves away in the studio and wrote the songs that have become ‘Delta Howl’.

How would you describe your music?
We would describe the music as melodic folk rock painted with country esq. vibes and plenty of slide guitar on show. We feel music is all about the feel and emotion – so we really try and find that when recording and work at it till we feel we have gained this. We hope the audience can relate to the song and it can move them emotionally in some way.

Can you tell us a little bit about your influences?
Influence-wise we both kinda have similar influences which helps us when making the music so artists like Tom Petty, Bruce Springsteen, Johnny Cash, The Eagles, The Lumineers, Creedence Clearwater Revival & Aerosmith we dig all these artists so quite a range really but there is so many depending on how we are feeling at the time.

What are you currently promoting?
We had a single in May called ‘Reach The Shore’ which we recorded & produced ourselves.

Have you got a particular song you’ve done that you’re particularly proud of, one that might define you?
I guess you could say ‘Reach The Shore’ our last single. It sums up our sound pretty well – it’s a melodic folk/country rock song with a sing along vibe. I urge the readers to check it.

What are you currently listening to?
Grant – The last CDs I have been listening to was the Drops of Jupiter album by Train also Chris Stapleton’s album Traveller, both great vibes, great music and great melodies on both those albums.

Mark – The last couple of artists I have been listening to was Cold War Kids & The Dave Matthews band both different vibes but both great in their own way.

And your favourite album of all time, the one you couldn’t do without?
We physically cannot answer that it all depends on the mood whether you are happy, sad, angry etc.

What are your hopes for your future career?
We hope to get the name of ‘Delta Howl’ out there, to become an established touring / recording act – be nice to be selling out venues regularly. We take things a step at a time and work to each goal we set but we have huge ambitions and work really hard.

If money were no object what would be your dream project?
Off the top of my head create a festival at Venice Beach California we headline and all my favourite artists play on the bill including a special set of Ron Burgundy on jazz flute, the sun is shining, people are happy, with no worries during the weekend. I walk on stage with a pack of wolves and they are our backdrop and I am escorted off stage by Shania Twain serenading me with ‘you’re still the one’’.

What’s the best thing about being a musician?
Various things like crafting a song and hearing it come together piece by piece but ultimately knowing that your song has helped someone personally and with their lives has to be the greatest thing.

And the worst?
Sitting in a studio hearing the same song over and over again while you mix it to the point you don’t want to listen to it anymore can for sure drive a man insane.

Finally, have you anything you’d like to say to the readers of Americana UK?
Just thanks for checking out the interview and hopefully you check out our single and follow our journey wherever it leads us to.

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