Amanda Cook “Look Me Up By The Ocean Door” – we’re parting, but here’s where I’ll be

Amanda Cook holds out the olive branch of reconciliation on today’s song, singing the goodbye of “The only thing that helped me in your world / Was you and that’s not enough” before offering the glimmer of an opening to a way back with “If ever you’re lonely / You know where to find me look me up by the ocean door.”  It is a cover of a Cox Family song (you’ll know them from the ‘O Brother, where art thou‘ soundtrack), and Amanda explains how it came about: “On a road trip to play in Michigan last year, Carolyne played ‘Look Me Up By The Ocean Door’ by the Cox Family.  I immediately said, ‘OOOOh, we should totally do this song!’  Her response was ‘yeah, that’s why I played it!!’  So many times, we forget about songs we love so much, and they come back to us randomly.  I’ve always loved the Cox family and their contribution to Bluegrass music. This was so much fun to record, and it’s even more fun to perform live.  I hope everyone loves what we did with such a classic song,

This great version features Amanda Cook – lead vocal, Carolyne Van Lierop – banjo, harmony vocal, Troy Boone – mandolin, Josh Faul – bass, George Mason – fiddle, and Brady Wallen – guitar, harmony vocal.

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