Amanda Cook “Mitchell Mullins” – should have stayed off the High Knob

Photo Credit: CDC Artistry/Christina Stevens

As the image which accompanies this youtube video of this track suggests, things do not end up well for ‘Mitchell Mullins‘ although the song actually suggests that the final resting place of the title character is unmarked: “don’t go up on the High Knob or you won’t be coming down /  Too many places to go unfound….”

This is the second single from Amanda Cook’s upcoming album titled ‘Restless Soul,’ set to release in October 2024.  Amanda Cook explains about the song that “I was so excited to record this co-write from Thomas Cassell and Tim Stafford, experts in their craft.  ‘Mitchell Mullins’ has a classic bluegrass subject matter. Simply put, Mitchell messed around and found himself in big trouble!  I especially love the fact that this song was based on a real event that took place in an area called The High Knob in Virginia. The aggressive sound of this track lends itself to the story and leaves no room for doubt about what took place there.

The song features Amanda’s touring band; Carolyne Van Lierop on banjo and harmony vocal, Troy Boone on mandolin, Brady Wallen on guitar and harmony vocal, Joshua Faul on bass, and George Mason on fiddle.

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