Andrew Jobin and the Crispy Boys “Eden” – a garden made for two…

Andrew Jobin has travelled around – he was born in Houston but now lives in New Orleans and in between he was raised in six differnt countries.  He’s been on a musical journey too since getting his first Epiphone Les Paul at the age of 14 – let’s say that the siren call of Nirvana was stronger at the time than the riches of the Americana world.  Nonetheless his new album ‘The River Above Our House‘ with his band the Crispy Boys is solidly anchored in a rich variety of Americana.

The album is out on February 23rd, and ‘Eden‘ is the second single from it.  You’ll hear a train track rock and roll beat and a high soaring fiddle, you’ll hear a troubadour voice that rings with honesty as it searches for a green space in an ever crowded world.

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