Anna Tivel “The Good Fight” – if this is all there is then this is what I wanted to do

Anna Tivel
Photo by Vincent Bancheri

Anna Tivel, we will never cease to tell you, is one of the finest songwriters of her generation.  It can be that a lot of songs one hears are nice enough, they amuse for a few minutes – maybe they spark an idea or two.  Perhaps they emotionally connect.  And some – some very few – are like this new single from Anna Tivel.  It offers the possibility that the journey of life can be worthwhile, even “if we don’t ever make it, if we never become / Something to remember, a legendary love / If everything is stardust, and we burn and disappear.”  That is still ok, argues Anna Tivel – this one shot at life can be the best shot one can make, and if love is real then that justifies it all, and that is the reason for it all not some asked for extra that some god might deign to dole out.  Embrace life – and live it.  To say all that, and not sound like you’re sweetening the brew or dipping in heavily to the pot of cliché is a remarkable and rare thing.  Except – Anna Tivel does it over and over again.  Because she is one of the finest songwriters of her generation.

The Good Fight‘, unbelievably, comes from the same sessions that provided the music for her latest album ‘Outsiders.’  And you see immediately what that means – this didn’t even make the cut for the album.  Unbelievable.

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